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ME? MOI? 私?

Alias: Betty
Background: British, Various Asian
Horoscope: Virgo
Interests: learning languages (French, Spanish, Japanese); 剣道 (Kendo - Japanese Fecning); j-dramas; painful movies (yakuza, horror, gore, mystery, heartbreak); racemixing; piano; singing; wii; europe (in general)
To elaborate: I like places where the mountains and ocean converge, busy shopping districts and are lightbulb-lit. I am insecure, brutally honest and compassionate. One could I say I'm a bit of a paradox. That might be because I tend to overthink things and create frightening paradoxes of others to myself. I like to read good books. I am not an avid reader but I enjoy literature. Dystopic and post-modern literature seem to be my taste of the moment. I used to read Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings but they have become overcommercialised and my scope of life is broadening from fantasy to reality.

Really Random

A few narcissistic things.

- My favourite desginers/brands: Marc Jacobs, Moschino, MiuMiu, FCUK, Urban Outfitters, Club Monaco, Adidas
- I'm scared of dogs, insects and moving objects flying in my general direction
- I really enjoy dessert and often will eat it before the main meal if my mother isn't around
- I'm not supermodel thin, but I'm not obese. I sometimes eat like a fatties. >:
- I want to become an Industrial Pharmacist
- My best friend is Russian. He is older, apathetic, satisfied with his life and hipsterish. We're almost complete opposites. And I'm always worried for our friendship.
- I really like overly cute things. Like Sanrio, tokidoki, etc. It's cuz I'm azn.